“Your Knuckles Don’t Require Harsh Chemicals” Skincare Guru, Bisola Adekoya, CEO, Bysogold

There are thousand and one Skincare specialist in Nigeria, but then, only few are rated world best. We found one of Nigeria’s biggest Skincare guru, who doesn’t joke with her job for caring for different skin types. She is the best. We are talking of no other than, Skincare specialist, Bisola Adekoya.

When did you start your business and why did you choose the skincare line?

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- 2015 I love beautiful skin and also love to help people to achieve flawless skin.

What are your skincare routine like?

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- I scrub my skin 3times per week, I use my facial toner daily, I use my Arabian oil as my night cream and my luxury body lotion as my day cream, I use my facial cream as my face cream all this products are made by me.

Has anybody come to you depressed about their skin? If yes were you able to help?

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :-  Yes everyday with a lot of positive reviews and Feedback Both in-person and online home and abroad


Do you place them on the same routine you use personally or are there different
treatments for different skins?

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :-  Depends on their skin issues We have about 25 products design for different skin complains We also have products for kids, chocolate skin, ebony colors, fair, acne
treatments, white dots treatment, skin reaction treatment, dark knuckles treatment,
stretch mark treatment, etc

Truly a one-stop-shop for any skin. How do you handle your personal life and business?

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :-  Yes I have a very dedicated nanny at home and my husband has always been my support system anytime any day, he helps me sort some of our imported materials we
use from Thailand and China

What is your opinion on those who have fair skin and dark knuckles?
Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :-  The knuckles area of the body are sensitive part of the skin that doesn’t require harsh
chemicals at all Sometimes ordinary shea butter and coconut oil can clear it.

Tell us about your best selling product

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- Half cast body cream, half cast face cream, half cast body scrub

Sells fast I presume?
Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- Because it whitening the skin also glow it, it gives my clients flawless skin, Yes With our magic cream I always prescribe it to most of our first-time customers because it contains healing ingredients and it works faster within 2weeks.
Were do you see your business in the next five years?
Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- A branch all over the country also, For now, we have a distributor at Kaduna, Abuja, Uyo, and a picking point at Atlanta U.S.A
Sounds like rapid expansion already How do you handle difficult customers?
Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- Thank you Well I try my best to satisfy them the interesting part of it is they always
come back to us, we disagree to agree

Do you do worldwide delivery?

Yes Through DHL And sometimes we cargo some countries

How do you get customers outside Nigeria?
Through online, through friends referrals, through family referrals too.

Massive love I must say

Thank you

Any worst-selling product so far? That you won’t want to do again

Yes I went into hair growth products but the sales were poor I believe I wasn’t called for
it anyway so I have to drop it and concentrate on my skincare products

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- Toyin Abraham and Mercy Aigbe
How do you relax when you are not working, Vacations?
Swimming and outing with my family. I visit my husband once in a year at Atlanta

Are you looking to expand your business?

Mrs. Bisola Adekoya Answered :- Yes!
All right ma any last words or advice that will help people get glowing and healthy
skin and perhaps your business address and contact Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness and organic skincare is the best any day anytime. Estate 8 car park C and mowe town Lagos Ibadan Expressway. I
Instagram handle :-@Bysogold_skincare
whatsapp/calls 08085429909
Thank you ma for your time.

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