Xenophobic Matters : Come Back Home Nigerians

In the calculus of life, the integral of any working country is in the strength of his youth. In a situation where the youths fail to pick up their responsibilities and decide to go to a foreign land to showcase their talents, they are usually faced with rejections in the long run in these foreign nations.

These are evidents in Nigerians in South Africa.

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of opportunities that are needed to be explored and exploited by willing Nigerians who are ready to direct and move the course of our great nation forward. Instead of developing foreign nations, Nigerians should stay in their fatherland and develop it. The land needs able Nigerians who have the courage to steer the course of our great nation to her destination. These set of people are been wasted outside the country. Take for instance, the xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa. NIGERIANS are perfectly doing fantastically well in South Africa with their business booming and growing. The South Africans wouldn’t allow  foreigners to dominate their economy. Hence, they are taking the wrong means which includes killing of NIGERIANS. These killings must be condemned by the international communities and NIGERIA government.

If nothing is done about it, it is better advisable and reasonable for Nigerians to come back home to their FATHERLAND and start their businesses there.

Since the South Africans are not willing to allow growth , then NIGERIANS should come home.

I’m pretty sure that if these Nigerians return home and start their businesses here in this country. Nigerians are waiting for them to come home and change their FATHERLAND for the best.

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