Xenophobic attacks in South Africa sparks riots in Nigeria and Zambia

Social media users have been tweeting #SayNoToXenophobia to protest the attacks against foreigners in South Africa.

Violence and looting have taken place in Nigeria and Zambia against South African-owned businesses, after a continuing series of xenophobic attacks and riots in Johannesburg.

The escalating dispute has seen Nigeria recall its ambassador to South Africa, as well as pull out of the World Economic Forum on Africa summit, currently being held in Cape Town.

Witnesses in Nigeria said vandals smashed windows to break into the offices of MTN, a South African telecommunications company, and stole items including laptops.

The Lagos state government also confirmed that two branches of the South African supermarket chain Shoprite were targeted.

Protests have also taken place in Zambia at South Africa’s High Commission – with fires started by an angry group of students.

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