World’s ‘smallest drone’ raises double its crowdfunding goal in 1 day

The team behind a personal drone with the smallest gimbal in the world raised over $150,000 in just one day of crowdfunding – twice the sum they aimed to raise in a month.

Extreme Fliers, who created the Micro Drone, say their aim has always been to make a small personal drone. They launched the first edition in 2011 with “incredible” feedback, and the current crowdfunding effort exceeded their expectations of the “drone market evolving.”

The campaign for the palm sized device successfully reached its target just hours after being launched, reaching over 200 percent of the $75,000 goal for the month in just a day. Over a thousand people have invested in the new Micro Drone through the crowdfunding effort at Indiegogo.

The newest generation of the remotely controlled flying device has a built-in HD camera that streams live footage to a smartphone or virtual reality headset. The video can also be shared live via popular streaming services.

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