Why Nigerian Fuji Musicians Must Leave Pop Music Alone & Face Their Business [See Here]


For many years now Fuji music has been able to cut across to a certain set of people and it’s more appealing to the street.
When I mean Street I meant people who work and earn a living on the street. People like bus conductors/drivers, area boys, street vendors, taxi drivers and menial workers. Not to be too biased some well to do people still listen to Fuji music but more than 70% of their fans come from the street.
The new trend which is now becoming a norm is the influx of Fuji musicians into the mainstream pop music. These Fuji musicians are trying to tap from the richness and blessings of what the Mainstream musicians are enjoying which are; large fanbaze, higher pay for performance, brand endorsement, international recognition and so on. Many Fuji musicians’ feels it’s time for them to follow the crowd and spread their tentacles instead of just being stereotype to one style of music.
It’s true that Mainstream Pop music has taken over from other genre of music in terms of the hype and celebrity god like status which they enjoy. But is it wise for our Fuji artistes to lose their core value which has been the bed rock of their music to meddle with things that doesn’t correlate with the essence of their music? Just saying.
Those of us who grew up listening to Fuji music know the message in their songs are very educative and always passes a clear message unlike the mainstream music that all you hear is just the danceable beat with a lot of repetition of words or phrases. Those Fuji artistes who are delving into the mainstream music have not been able to find their ground; they are just trying to make an impact which has not yet been felt.
There is a popular saying that says “it’s better to be known for one thing than to be known for everything but known for nothing”. What I’m trying to say is that, they need to keep their original listeners close and try to continue making good music for them instead of trying to gather a new fanbaze and trying too hard to please them. They might end up losing both.
PLEASE! Don’t take this post too personal that is why I didn’t mention names. Only expressing my thoughts. If you share a different view or you agree with me in my school of thoughts, feel free to share your opinion with us below by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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