WHO IS BUHARI TO YOU? By Mayowa Michael Adeleye

#Who is Buhari?


BUHARI means different things to different categories of people….

To the ELECTION RIGGERS, he is a coupist.

To the less privileged NIGERIANS, he is an helper

To the CORRUPT, he is Mr. Jailor.

To the DRUG BARONS, he is a killer.

To the runaway thief, he is a crater.

To a dying Economy, he is a saviour.

To INDISCIPLINE, he is brutish.

To TERRORISTS, he is an enemy.

To the BROWN ENVELOPE JOURNALISTS like AIT, he is a dictator.

To his children, a daddy to be proud of.

To his wife, a worthy husband.

To the oil INDUSTRY, he is a refineries builder.

To DORA AKUNYILI, he is a caring boss.

To NIGERIA, he is a fixer.

To JONATHAN, KASHAMU, FFK, he is a nemesis.

To the PDP, he is a destroyer.

To the APC, he is the CHANGE.

To the ordinary PEOPLE, he is one of them.

To FAYOSE, Buhari is his NIGHTMARE ‼️?

Your behaviour determines your definition of BUHARI.

To me, he is the leader of the much needed CHANGE in Nigeria!

God bless Nigeria.


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