What Is Your Sacrificial Thing To Earn A Footprint? (Stacy m. Amewoyi)

The gap to be covered between the poor and rich keeps on becoming wider. While there are people who have ample of money that is impossible to spend in a lifetime; there are others who are not able to fulfill their basic needs.
Across the world, there are people who starve to death due to lack of food, lack of shelter, hazardous diseases and much more. Though it may sound bizarre, it is the moral obligation of the rich class to help the needy, poor and those who can’t afford bread and butter even once during the day.
Don’t take it negatively, but, if you will invest a certain percentage of your income in helping the poor, it will help purchase the contraceptive device, increase education opportunities, thus helping in population control and more and more people becoming well educated.
This can also decrease the rate of population growth thus saving the precious environmental resources from depletion. If you want to think otherwise, think about this; what can the needy offer the poor or the poor offer the needy? That is why God through His infinite wisdom made some people rich to cater for the poor and needy.
It is very good to be rich or worthy, but your prime purpose with all the wealth is to extend a hand to the poor. In your forgetfulness, drive, drunkenness and blindness for the love of your money, you may stumble on the feet of others.
This will mean, looking down on others, buying your way through to things you don’t deserve (awards/positions etc.) which you are aware another deserved it better than you do, being rude and disrespectful and causing pain to the innocent.
Be very careful because power, wealth, money and influence have expiry dates.  People with great power, wealth, access and great influence feel very important that even when you call them, they won’t return your call.
They feel so important because there are a lot of people calling them always and the call of the poor might have been one of those disturbances. But as like the grass withers and the flower fades so shall their end be, when what they took pride in and had audacity with, have been taken by another and now are despised and looked down upon.
Like the psalmist said, I have seen a man like a mighty tree with many branches, I went and came back and I diligently sought for him, and behold, he was not. Is that your end goal as being part of the rich community?
David was a shepherd boy before becoming king, but he always remembered who gave him the throne, therefore he kept ascribing and acknowledging his present to Him.
So, when you are privilege than others, praise Him, worship Him. Be careful on how you treat people, especially if you have children, if you have people you care about and you love, be very careful.
Take heed on how you treat other people’s children and how you handle others because in this life, you reap what you have sown. It’s just a matter of time and it will catch up with you.
When you begin to ask yourself  ‘what have I done’, the why me (s) and all, just remember it balls down to how you handled the affairs and issues of others when you were privileged, had the power, had access or in a position to do as you please with the power some time ago.
Try to define those moments for good and not settle scores or do things to the detriment of others. Be accessible, show care and make others smile because of you. At the end of it all, it wouldn’t be the number of cars or homes you owned but rather, the number of people you tried touching with your good heart.
Philanthropist Stacy Amewoyi defines her resources or worth, her riches or wealth, or priorities of hers by showcasing the number of people that she has accepted and allowed herself to be used as a blessing to.
To her, allocating her riches to that of material things like cars, houses and designer wears though she owns a number of boutiques; her understanding to a wealthy person is how many people or lives, she has been a blessing to.
As people brag about their properties, “I count as my wealth, legacy or properties or my bragging rights with the lives of people. Mine is about lives that I contribute to, people I have helped shaped to bring out the best in them. People that I have been able to assist, and support through school, those I’ve given capital to begin businesses, those I’ve sheltered and those I’ve been assigned to be a blessing to. These are my classifications of being wealthy or prosperous”. Stacy professed
Though these material things are good to have, but touching the lives of others amounts to many riches. It includes no medical bills, no bad omen of accidents death or strange attacks on family, unexpected open doors, scholarship for children etc.
Even after death, people will remember you for your good works. Those are the legacies that says, you were once here, those are the footprints to be left behind; a trademark that can never be wiped, even from generations to generations. But as to how you were here or what footprints you are leaving is the question as a comfortable person you need to ask.
You don’t need to be rich before making a name, right where you are; it could be your church, community, workplace etc. People you were disrespectful or rude to, those you were able to tarnish their image, you could change their story by making history as you touch and transform their lives.
“Be part of somebody’s life story, pick those calls and make somebody have access to reach you and come down to who they are. Try as much as possible to live that godly life, by being nice to mankind, respecting others no matter the rank and have the spirit of gratitude”. Stacy added.
Value people who sacrifice something for you because maybe that something was their everything. “Helping others gives me a sense of connectedness, happiness fulfillment and meaning. I’ve come to realize that, the more I gave to myself, the more I was able to give to others and the more I received. When I give, I always receive because God sees my heart and blesses me.
I always say I am rich not by material substances nor by tangible things but by the fulfillment I get from impacting the lives of other people especially those who need it the most.
Being an advocate or a helper is one of my favorite ways to demonstrate sincere gratitude for those people who touch my heart. I say thank you to all these people for allowing me to touch their lives and give me the inspiration to do more.
They have taught me valuable lessons and helped me grow to become a better person as my life’s journey has always been linked to helping other people. I just never saw it as serving them but I have grown to discover that, I have a huge heart which wants the best for myself and others and I now live to serve, which brings me so much fulfillment.” The humanitarian disclosed.

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