Watch: Chinese baby survives after being run over by van

Last week, an 11-month-old baby was run over by a van in Fujian, China. The driver and bystanders were able to lift the vehicle and rescue the baby, who suffered only moderate injuries.

An 11-month-old Chinese baby was run over by a car that made a fast turn and survived without critical injuries. Security cameras documented the accident and the efforts of the mother, the driver and bystanders to rescue the baby. The footage of the incident was published by the local police on Sunday.

The accident occurred last week, when a van hit a baby in Fujian in Southern China. The baby was playing with his mother on the side of the road. The mother was kneeling next to him just as the van made a sharp turn. The police investigation indicates that the driver did not slow down before making the turn, but that, in his defense, the driver rushed to help the distressed mother.

After hitting the baby, the driver stopped his car and lifted the van so that the baby could be taken out from underneath the wheels. A local police officer stated: “The driver called others to help him while he tried to lift the van.”

An eyewitness added: “I thought it was close to impossible to save the baby’s life.” Within 13 seconds, the baby was rescued and taken to a local hospital. The medical team determined that the baby was suffering injuries in his face as well as a slight concussion, but that his life was not at stake due to the quick and efficient rescue.

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