Vector Explain Reasons For ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ In Nigeria



Nigerian rapper, Vector, said that the high rate of fraud amongst youth, known as “Yahoo” should be blamed on the country’s standard of living.

The “Adura” singer said that the harsh living conditions in the country has made a lot of youths in the country to see fraud as a route of escape and means of survival.

According to Vector, the Federal Government needs to play its role in such a way that the youths can make better and informed choices in the interview at age.

“The youths need to adopt good mentors, rather than those who will lure them into fraudulent activities. The Internet age should afford the youths an opportunity to make better and informed choices.

“But the Federal Government must play its own role also. I see an advocacy group like Street Voices as a forum to lend their voices to critical issues affecting the youth and the Nigerian society as a whole,” he tweeted

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