US: “Missiles launched from Syria hit Iran”


According to a source in the Pentagon, Russia launched four missiles at the Islamic Republic of Iran. Russia and Iran have not yet confirmed the details.

A number of missiles were launched from a Russian war ship and were directed at Syria landed in Iran, according to what a source in the Pentagon told CNN.   According to the report, the American intelligence succeeded to count at least four missiles exploding within Iran.   It is not clear if there were injuries from the explosion.

The news about the launch was not confirmed by Russia and Iran.  Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu stated that President Vladimir Putin broadcasted that 26 missiles hit their targets from the Caspian Sea and there is no loss of life.  Putin praised the accuracy of the missiles.

The US is closely following Russia’s moves in Syria.  Meanwhile, the US refuses to cooperate with Russia in the Middle East but also conducts conversations with them in order to avoid errors and an unintended confrontation between the two superpowers in Syria.  The US Defense Secretary stated that “Russia’s conduct is not responsible and professional.”

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