UNIPORT Best Graduating Student Claims He Slept For 2 Hours Everyday For 4 Years

I read online about the interview granted by Uniport best graduating student 2017. Dude said he slept for 2 hours everyday for the period of 4 years to achieve 4.82 CGPA.

Me, I will not say he’s lying oooo but these best graduating students should stop playing on our collective intelligence.

Must we associate success with “excruciating pain” in Nigeria? I’m not a medic but correct me if I’m wrong, it’s impossible to sleep for two hours daily for a period of four years. Dude was too hyperbolic.

Alex Thomson, the fastest Briton to sail single-handedly, non-stop around the world nearly broke down after sleeping for just one hour, 30 minutes in four days.

In his words; “I’ve ceased to function properly and need people with me for my safety. My inability to nap has given me a real sympathy for insomniacs. It’s like torture.”

Sleep balances your blood sugar levels and helps consolidate new things you’ve learned. Even almighty Albert Einstein needed 10 hours of sleep everyday. I know the body adapts to sleeping less like Margaret Thatcher famously slept for an average four hours but for 2 hours? I don’t believe it.

Then again, lemme mind my business. Who dash me first class?

In another news,

Congratulations to these great Akokites ; Taiwo Bankole and Ajoke Omotuyi of the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Science and the Department of Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, respectively.

They emerged best graduating students from the University of Lagos, 2016/2017 convocation with perfect scores of 5.00 CGPA. Achieving the same feat with Ayodele Dada of the same Unilag.

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