UEFA Club Rankings: Tottenham Move Above Chelsea As Arsenal Maintain Top 10 (See Table)

Chelsea fell behind London rival in the latest  UEFA club rankings as Arsenal who has been out of the Champions League for the third season remained in the top ten, Concise News reports.

Manchester City stays sixth and is joined in the top 10 by Liverpool (eighth), Arsenal (ninth) and Manchester United (10th).

Outside of England’s ‘Big Six’, Leicester City are the next highest-ranked English team in 59th place, their sole season, and run to the quarter-finals, good enough. Wolves, Burnley, Everton, Southampton and West Ham are all in a row from 82nd to 86th.

Uefa Club Rankings top 20 in order

Position Club County Coefficient
1  Real Madrid Spain 121.000
2 Atletico Madrid Spain 109.000
3 Barcelona Spain 108.000
4 Bayern Munich Germany 104.000
5 Juventus Italy 99.000
6 Man City England 95.000
7 Paris Saint-Germain France 86.000
8 Liverpool England 85.000
9 Arsenal England 81.000
10 Man Utd England 78.000
11 Sevilla Spain 76.000
12 Tottenham England 73.000
13 Borussia Dortmund Germany 71.000
14 Chelsea England 70.000
15 Roma Italy 69.000
16 Porto Portugal 68.000
17 Shakhtar Donetsk Ukraine 67.000
18 Lyon France 64.000
19 Benfica Portugal 64.000
20 Napoli Italy 62.000


This season’s Champions League and group stage seasons start next week.

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