Tunisia terrorist caught on camera moments before the attack


Seifeddine Rezgui, who implemented the terrorist attack in Tunisia yesterday that claimed the lives of 39 people, was caught on camera walking on the beach just moments before the attack.


New footage released by Sky News shows terrorist Seifeddine Rezgui just moments before he implemented the lethal terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 39 people on the beach in Tunisia. In the photos, Rezgui seems calm as he walks on the beach with a Kalashnikov in his hand.
Testimonies of the massacre survivors suggest that the terrorist did his best to blend in the crowd and that he chose his victims, especially foreigners, carefully. “He laughed and seemed like a normal guy,” a British tourist recounted.

An Imperial Hotel employee recounted the gunman arrived at the tourist-filled beach on an inflatable boat. “He was barefoot and dressed in short clothing like a tourist,” he stated.

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