Truck Falls Off Ojuelegba Bridge In Lagos



A container-laden truck on Friday rolled back on Barracks-Ojuelegba bridge in Lagos and damaged seven cars but no life was lost.

We understands that the accident occurred in the early hours of Friday, April 5th, 2019.

The Head of Operations of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASMA) Surulere, Adebayo Olusegun, said his team arrived at the scene of the accident just when the truck was rolling down the bridge.

According to him, the truck was not carrying heavy load but it just rolled down the bridge.

“We thank God that no life was lost and it usually happened that trucks rolled back on the bridge after climbing. This is not a brake failure but seven cars were affected,’’ Olusegun said.

A driver working with Skill Media Company, Christopher Ebule, said his bus with Reg. No Lagos EKY-921FQ was about to climb the bridge but discovered that the truck was rolling back and other vehicles were behind him.

“I tried to manoeuvre to the other side of the bridge while the trailer came down without stopping and scratched our company bus,’’ he said.

A Corps member, who was at the scene of the accident, Michael Afolayan, noted that, “If not for an Infinity Jeep that blocked the trailer, the trailer would have claimed many lives this morning.

“We commend the Lagos State Government for ensuring that containers must be hooked while moving on Lagos roads. If not the container could fall and kill a passerby.

“Trailer drivers ought to obey government rules that compelled them to take the service lane but they kept on climbing the Ojuelegba-Barracks bridge.

“I think the trailer driver is trying to avoid extortion by touts and this had caused many accidents on Ojuelegba -Barracks Bridge,’’ Afolayan said.

He urged the Lagos State Government to make available security agencies that would stop touts from extorting money from trailer drivers.

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