Tricycle Operator Murders 18 Year Old In Cold Blood


If only the dead can speak for themselves, then late Emmanuel Jacob would have been able to tell the actual cause of the fight which led to his sudden death in Dejioworo Street Alapere, Lagos.

It was learnt that on May 18, 2015, at about 9 pm, a fight ensued between the deceased and one Benedict Oghenovo over accepting to be initiated into some ‘Eye’ cult group. Benedict, who is a tricycle operator was said to have hit Emmanuel with an iron which ultimately led to his death. The case was promptly reported to the Alapere Police Division and later transferred to the State Criminal Interrogation and Investigations Department (SCIID) Panti, Yaba.

Since he killed my son, he should also be killed – Mother

The 22 year old suspect who claims he lives with his elder brother and hails from Delta State told Daily Times how a little scuffle ended up in the death of his 18 year old friend.

“It happened on Monday when I was coming back from work, and I saw my friend, Emma. While we were exchanging greetings, he told me he wanted to drink, but I told him I did not have money to buy drinks because my tricycle was faulty so I could not work. I told him if he had money I would follow him.

“So we went to a nearby shop where they sell drinks in our street. He bought me a bottle of star drink and he also took same.  While we were drinking and discussing, Emmanuel brought up an issue he has been disturbing me about for sometime which is about joining Eye cult group. I turned him down as I have always done.

“My refusal to be initiated has always caused a rift between me and Emmanuel. I know too well that cultism is evil because I know of a tricycle operator who was involved in it and he later died. While we were still discussing and, maybe as a result of the drink he had taken, he pushed me, I also pushed him back. We started fighting. People around thought we were joking because they know we are friends.

“When Emmanuel discovered his strength could not match with mine, he picked up an iron which was at the corner of the shop and attempted to stab me.

“I quickly grabbed his hand, collected the iron from him and while we were still dragging the iron, I stabbed him with it on the neck.  Immediately he ran forward and fell to the ground. I rushed to him, got a tricycle and took him to three different hospitals but he was rejected. He gave up and the police came and arrested me.”

He lamented that Emma was his very close friend. “He is not someone I would want to kill for anything. He is one person that helps me when I do not have money and I do same for him too. We were like brothers. I am pleading with the government to please help me; I am still very young to go to jail. It is not intentional.”

But the 40 years old mother of the deceased, who gave her name as Mary Jacob, debunked the claim of Benedict. She claimed her son had always told her about Benedict who was luring him to get initiated into the Eye Cult group. She even alleged that the matter was brought before her Pastor who discouraged Emmanuel from such act and to also stay away from such fellows. She maintained her son was never a cultist.

“I was not there, but someone who was there told me that Benedict asked Emmanuel to follow him to a place where they drink. Emma did and when he tried to leave because it was getting late, Benedict would not let him go. He tried to collect my son’s cap but my son refused to let go. Benedict started beating my son.  He picked an iron and stabbed Emma with it. I feel it is an intentional act and Benedict should be punished accordingly. Since he killed my son, he should also be killed,” she said between tears.

The Lagos State Police Spokesperson, DSP Ken Nwosu who was called severally to confirm the story was not responding to calls as at press time.

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