Tragedy : How Beauty Enterprenuer, Judith Omonua & Energetic Dancer, Kodak (Love Divine) Died In Their Prime

Within a space of one week, Nigerians have been left with grief over the loss of two promising and beloved young women Judith Omonua and Love Divine (Kodak).

Judith Omonua, aged 24, also known as Ghunu, got many people heartbroken when the news of her death was received earlier this week. The popular beauty entrepreneur and owner of Ghunu Effect died of heart complications on Monday, April 27, 2020.

She had been living with a managed heart condition that got worse recently and was scheduled to go through a Heart Pacemaker implant surgery abroad. But due to travel restrictions and global lockdown caused by COVID-19, the surgery was delayed.

Her sister, Obehi Omonua who announced her death, told reporters that she had resigned to fate and became less optimistic about recovering after her health kept deteriorating with each passing day.

“She was losing hope of ever getting well, but we told her that the lockdown would soon be over, and she would go and get her surgery done. We kept on praying for her, but her mood changed that Sunday evening. She just wanted to rest,” Obehi said.

She eventually succumbed to heart failure on Monday afternoon, leaving many loved ones in agony.

Her family, friends, and clients have poured out their hearts, describing her as a lost gem, while they pray for her soul.

“I’ve found it really hard to accept this news since I saw the news yesterday. She was a bubbly person, so full of life. She’s resting now. The earth lost one of her angels,”  Igu Chioma wrote.

Also, barely days after Judith’s death, another promising young woman Love Divine, known as Kodak died, on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Kodak was a video vixen and professional dancer who had featured in music videos of top musicians in Nigeria like Olamide and Burna Boy.

The details of her death are sketchy as both her parents and managers, Westsyde Lifestyle have not yet released the cause of her death. However, the available reports say that she was electrocuted while trying to charge her phone in the studio of Capital Dreams owned by popular music video director, Clarence Peters at Omole Estate Lagos.

Kodak’s death is extremely shocking and painful, with many of her followers calling for answers to reconcile with the circumstances that led to such an abrupt end.

Tributes and condolences from celebrities, fans, and the general public keep pilling up as mourning for her continues.

Nigerian hip-hop artist, Olamide posted a photo of himself and the dancer, and captioned it, “Rest up Kodak.”

“Someone please wake me up. This must be a dream. Electrocuted? This cannot be real Please DM and tell me everything is ok! You were the most selfless person I ever worked with. Omg, I can’t breathe! #RIP #LOVEDIVINE”, her fellow dancer, Korra Obidi posted.

Although both young ladies died when their lives were just beginning, they left behind impressive achievements and impacted many lives, who though saddened are also grateful

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