TraderMoni: PDP Blames APC Over Nigeria’s Economic State

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have again passed blames to the All Progressives Congress, APC, over the poor state of the economy.

PDP presidential campaign council spokesman, Kassim Afegbua continued passing faults in an interview on Channels Television alongside Jasper Azuatalam, APC’s deputy director for the south youth mobilisation, presidential campaign.

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He claimed that the lives of Nigerians were made better under its 16-year rule, making reference to the economic state of the country.

Afegbua further said the TraderMoni initiative is only a scheme for vote buying which has not really influenced the lives of Nigerians.

“From the record of performance of the APC in the last three and half years, I think it is obvious that this government does not have the capacity and the competence to manage the internal contradictions in the country and thereafter deliver on its electoral promises.

“To that extent, people have compared two scenarios. The first is that of PDP, the second is that of APC. And they can compare and trust that life was better under the PDP and this is very instructive. And if you look at what was gotten in the last three and half years, life has become much more difficult now.

“The APC will naturally come up with this weather-beaten rhetoric of saying that 16 years of PDP, they didn’t do well. We are doing so much and all of that. But when you look at the statistics, they are completely negative – whether our GDP, job creation or borrowing, unemployment, insecurity, anti-corruption fight,” Afegbua stated.

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In reply to PDP’s claims, the APC said it would not bow to pressure by the opposition to stop the TraderMoni programme of the Federal Government, insisting that the initiative has bettered the lives of the masses.

APC spokesman said he considered the criticism by the main opposition PDP an abuse on the sensitivity of Nigerians that voted the party into office in 2015.

Azuatalam accused the PDP of creating what he described as “hunger and poverty in the land”, vowing that the party would continue to deliver on its electoral promises to Nigerians.


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