Tinubu Attacks Obasanjo in Fresh Interview


Bola Tinubu, National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC in a recent interview with THE SUN Newspaper talked about former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Speaking about political battles he had fought Tinubu said, “The high is when I survived as the only governor and one man standing on the platform of the AD in the South West after the 2003 governorship election. In leadership and political battles, you must be able to recognize the talent of your opponent. Don’t ever underestimate your opponent particularly a personality like former President Obasanjo. First, he is not just an Army General for nothing; they call their overall fatigue uniform, camouflage. What does that mean? Deception! They are trained in strategy, deception and tactics to defeat the enemy.

”If you underestimate them, you do that at your own peril. If you now recognize that quality in them, you know how to play the game with them. There are some aspects of it that I cannot discuss here; they are my own weapons tomorrow. When I started a journey of a tree that can make a forest, the game is first of all, survive. I made it clear that everybody should know that this friendship is laced with poison. I kept the warning to everybody very loud. How can you trust a man whose uniform is camouflage? How can I believe that he is my political friend when I am in the opposition? No, draw the battle line.”

“Obasanjo, during his time disobeyed court order on the disbursement of money for local governments in Lagos but you knew where he was coming from; you just had to be careful. That period was also a bit challenging. There are different situations that you had to face with different strategies.”

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