This Car Is Older Than Me” – Charly Boy Shows Off His Family’s 1949 Model RollsRoyce Car


Controversial Nigerian activist, Charles Oputa better known as Charly Boy has taken to social media to reveal one of the most treasured assets in his family.

In a post sighted on his Twitter page, he shared a photo of a rare 1949 model Of Aust in Of England the pioneer model of the British RollsRoyce which revealed has been the most prized asset.

According to him, he was brought home from the hospital in that car when he was born at the time and he believes his parents had intercourse in the car to bring him into existence.

He wrote: This Car is Older Dan Me. One of our family treasures. Immediately after my delivery, I was brought back home by my joyful parents in this car. Maybe I was even manufactured in the car. My daughter got married in this car.

A 1949 model Of Austin Of England the pioneer model of the British RollsRoyce. It’s still in my garage, A testament of my rich Heritage and Pedigree. God am grateful

Several fans slid under his post and reacted.

@Uchekcm wrote: Sir, such cars can be sold for as much as $1 million dollars or more here in Australia. It’s really a treasure

@AminuAl35626737 wrote: Did you say, your daughter got married in that car? Married to a man or woman?

@EhuleTheGreat wrote: Baba I go come borrow am for my wedding ni

@EzeOkechukwu wrote: A far better treasure than a million bikes…

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