Terrorists bombard southern Israel


One rocket fell near Ashkelon.


An investigation by the IDF revealed that a rocket landed inside Israel, in open areas near Ashkelon. There were no reports of injuries or damage. Police forces were dispatched to the area.
Less than two weeks ago, a rocket fired into Israel landed inside the Gaza Strip. Following that incident sirens were heard in Ashkelon and Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. In Gaza, a terror organization affiliated with Islamic State claimed responsibility for launching these rockets. In the last month Salafi groups in Gaza, launched several rockets into Israel. These Salafi groups are apparently in conflict with Hamas.

Last week, against the background of a growing demand for a strong response from the Israeli government, The IDF’s Southern front Commander Sami Turgeman had a special meeting with the heads of councils near Gaza. “We hope that Hamas will subdue the Salafi groups in the Gaza Strip,” said General Turgeman, at a meeting in Sderot Municipality. When asked about the fears of residents, he replied “I do not think there is reason to be concerned.”

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