Terrorist from Paris: “I want to return to Syria”

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Salah Abdel Salam, who took part in the attacks on Paris, Contacted his friends on Skype. He told them that he was hiding in Brussels.

Salah Abdel Salam, participated in the combined terror attacks that took place in Paris last week, which claimed the lives of 130 people. After the attacks on Paris, he then fled towards the border with Belgium. He was examined by local police officers and questioned, but released shortly thereafter because his name did not appear on the list of suspects.

“I believe he is not far from here,” his brother Muhammad, who lives in Belgium, told the media, when asked regarding a telephone conversation of Abdel Salam with his friends. Muhammad called his brother; there is now an international manhunt after him, to surrender to the authorities as soon as possible.

Speaking to the American ABC network, Salah Abdel Salam’s friends said that he had called them on Wednesday via the popular instant messaging program, and told them that he was hiding in the city of Brussels, but is trying desperately to escape to the territory controlled by the Islamic state organization in Syria.

According to Abdel Salam’s friends, Islamic State activists expressed disappointment that he could not detonate the bomb when he was in Paris during the terrorist attacks.

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