Temmie Ovwasa: Is She Here To Stay?


YBNL Newest Revelation Temmie Ovwasa Shocked Everyone Because Of Her Style Of Music And Joining A Record Label Like YBNL Whose Artistes Are Strictly Conventional Singers And Rappers With The Exception Of Adekunle Gold . No One Saw It Coming, A Female Singer Joining The YBNL Crew Not To Talk Of Someone Doing Her Kind Of Music.
With the release of her debut single “ Jabole ” under YBNL the sensational singer started her journey into the world of the unknown. For an upcoming artiste who just found fame and releases his or her first single after the fame is faced with the challenges of whether or not their song would be accepted by their new fans. For Temmie Ovwasa she is one of the lucky few who made a good impression with her first song leaving her growing fanbaze in anticipation for more good songs from her.
Temmie Ovwasa calls her style of music Ecclectic and it’s a mixture of rich African sound with a touch of alternative and highlife. She plays around with her sound trying to discover her convenient style. Looking at her two songs, there is an improvement in her second song in terms of voice control, texture, richness of African sound and strong message in her song compared to her first song. She sounded much matured in her second attempt which is a very good sign of improvement.
The question still lingers in the minds of many Nigerians if her style of music would be widely accepted or if she would fade away with time and get lost in the multitude of conventional songs dropping every day from Afrohiphop/pop musicians. I still feel it’s too early to judge her growth in the music industry considering the fact that she is still in school studying Medicine.
If Asa, Bez, Aramide and Adekunle Gold are making almost similar kind of music and they are all very successful today then let’s not be too quick to judge. Her music is good and rich in content which Nigerians would someday come to love and enjoy. After listening to her second song “ Afefe ” I came to appreciate her style of music and I see her going places if she continues what she’s doing without trying to please the crowd who are craving for dance tracks.
Listen to her two songs “ Jabole ” and “ Afefe ” before you pass your judgements. As for me I think she is here to stay for real. Share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.


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