Tee Bilz Describes His Journey With Tacha As A Beautiful One (Video)

Popular Nigerian talent manager, Tunji Balogun also known as Tee Billz has defended Tacha’s actions on social media as he talks about his managment journey with her.

Tee Billz was Tacha’s manager when she got disqualified from the BBNaija reality show for a while until they both went their separate ways.

Tee Billz while talking about his management journey with Tacha on “Talks with Ubi” an Instagram live session with Ubi Franklin said he had a very beautiful journey with Tacha.

According to him, his perception about Tacha before meeting her in person was not good but changed totally the first time they spoke on phone, adding that she is a very soft person.

He said, Tacha understood the power of social media before getting into the BBNaija house and so sometimes her actions on social media says basically the opposite about who she really is.

He said “It was a beautiful journey with Tacha and when the journey started, it came from a place of love and empathy for me. You know how people crucify you on the internet. Without knowing your struggle or where you came from. My perception about Tacha before was like ‘who is this girl?’

“When she was disqualified, i hoped she was okay and we spoke. Two minutes into the conversation i was like; this girl you dey craze oh. So you soft like this? I wanted to use Tacha as an example to other girls. Coupled with where she came from, the level of poverty in Port Harcourt. Tacha understood the power of social media before she got into the house and she understood influencing”


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