Swedish doctor drugged, raped and kept a woman hostage for a week

A 38 year-old doctor in Sweden is charged with drugging, kidnapping and raping a woman in her thirties. According to reports, the woman was kept in a homemade bunker for a week. The doctor served her chocolate strawberries laced with Rohypnol in her home in Stockholm. The events took place in September, but details are only being published now. The doctor has been compared to Austrian Josef Fritzl and American Ariel Castro, both convicted of doing similar acts.

Masks used by the rapist during the kidnapping Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to the investigation, the doctor, whose name remains unpublished, raped her once and then drove her 400 kilometres to Kristianstad in the south of Sweden. During the five hour drive, he injected her with sedatives. Investigators found rubber masks used as disguises during the ride. They believe the kidnapper built the 60 square meter bunker with the intention of holding a hostage captive for a long period of time. The concrete-enforced bunker was equipped with toilets and a kitchen, and even a small covered yard where the hostage could go outside unnoticed.

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The door to the bunker at Kristianstad, South SwedenApparently,

the doctor also withdrew blood and took vaginal samples from the woman, which he tested at a lab in his place of work. He later confessed that he did this to ensure she did not have any STDs. According to a police report, the woman was bound or cuffed most her time in captivity. After a few days, the doctor drove back to Stockholm to bring her some personal possessions, but discovered that she had been reported missing and the police had broken into her flat. The doctor panicked and brought the woman back to Stockholm, where they visited a police station together on September 18. Prosecutors say that the doctor forced the woman to tell the police a fake story that she was safe and well, but officers grew suspicious and took her to one side. The woman then told police the full story of her horrific ordeal, after which the man was arrested.

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