Sunday Igboho Narrates How His House Was Burnt

Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Igboho has narrated how his old house in Soka, Ibadan the Oyo State capital, was burnt by hoodlums on Tuesday.

The burning followed an ultimatum which he issued for Fulani herdsmen to vacate Oyo State due to their crimes in the state.

Igboho said, “Around 3.30am today, my younger ones residing at my old house rushed to my gate to wake me up, saying some bandits came to the house, fired gunshots, broke the gate, and set the house ablaze. The two people at the house managed to escape. By the time I got there, the bandits had escaped. So, we called firefighters to help us put out the fire.”

He continued, “When they knew they could fight, fire gunshots, and set a house ablaze, isn’t it where I stay that they are supposed to come? If they had come to the house where I stay, I would have had evidence for you people (journalists) because they won’t all escape. It’s either you meet their dead bodies or meet them with broken legs. I thank God that they applied wisdom by going to a house where they know that I don’t live and destroyed my properties and burnt it down.”

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