Stella Oduah’s Reaction to President Buhari’s 2016 Budget


Nigeria’s former aviation minister, Stella Oduah has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2016 budget.

According to SAHARA REPORTERS, Oduah who is the senator representing Anambra-North Senatorial District described the budget as “very robust and seemingly thorough and well-thought out”.

She however said the government was trying to use its “bogus welfare programme and phantom capital projects” as a cover and conduit to syphon the funds to satisfy partisan interests, particularly to settle huge campaign debts.

“It is obvious that this budget is an extension of the campaign promises of the APC government, presented as a manifesto filled with bogus promises which implementation will be inconclusive, thereby allowing the APC to once again deny their promises.

“There has never been any known economy in the world where government deliberately mortgage the future of its nation by borrowing excessively to finance partisan interests while hiding under bogus welfare programmes. This is moreso important as the APC in reeling out their bogus campaign promises never informed Nigerians that they would mortgage their future through excessive borrowing.”

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