Stella Damasus, Hubby Explain Challenges Dealing With Stepchildren


Nollywood actress Stella Damasus and her husband, Daniel Ademinokan, have revealed how they manage their marriage, living with their kids from different marriages.


The couple made the revelation in a YouTube video, while narrating the challenges they encounter in living with their kids produced from their previous marriages, which includes the stare at airports and people on social media.

Damasus stated that at first, she was mindful of how she treated Daniel’s son to avoid being tagged a wicked step-mother.

According to her, things changed after her mother-in-law told her to stop treating him delicately if she indeed loves him as much as she loves her daughters.


Daniel who on the other hand said most people find it hard to believe that he is not the biological father of his wife’s daughters because that they don’t use the ‘step’ word in their family.

Admitting to have had quite a messy divorce earlier, the film maker said having a blended family is way much bigger than those inside as it goes all the way out.

Recall that Daniel was once married to actress Doris Simeon, and Damasus on the other hand, was also previously married to Jaiye Aboderin who suddenly died in 2005 from an unknown cause.

Daniel’s marriage to Damasus faced turbulent times and backlash some years ago but the couple found a way around their issues and are still waxing strong together.

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