Stacy Amewoyi Opens Her Book Of Remembrance



A story is told of a king who couldn’t sleep but strolled up and down his corridor till he remembered to be of good to someone who has been of help to him. Therefore, he called for his book of remembrance and behold, a lame man became a respectable figure the next day.
It was in this same vain that our good Lord after opening His book of remembrance, remembered a dying king and added some few years to his life. With this same default, Stacy Amewoyi goes with the theme; do unto others as you would want them do unto you from Luke 6:31.
“I am going back to my roots, to do a donation of gratitude to people who have helped me from age seventeen to my early twenty’s. These are people who trusted their wares to me to sell, others were tenants who took care of me, and friends who shared their food with me when I had nothing to eat. In all, I have selected about fifty people to do this honor”. The humanitarian stated.
Though the global crisis makes everything tough, Stacy is deeply touched to do this for these people although most of them would have forgotten of their good deeds towards her or might have forgotten about her completely.
She believes this is the right time to do this, to show her appreciation to them and to let them understand that, she has remembered their show of kindness, and during this difficult moment, she is doing her bit to make them feel comfortable.
This is part of her Foundation’s donation which she does every year but this is with a different twist as the philanthropist calls it the Christmas donation of appreciation. She is a woman full of gratitude and value for people in her small circle.
International model Clifford Selorm Ametefe, describes Stacy as a blessing to all those around her as well as people she barely knows and getting to know her. He says, she is the best and non-regrettable thing in his life after he was introduced to her by one of the lecturers at the school of performing arts, university of Ghana to assist with for a photoshoot for one of her businesses.
He revealed that, he was amazed at her charisma, humility and friendliness, after working with her for the first time and experiencing her personality, humanitarianism, selflessness, humility and hard work.
This made him develop more interest in her charitable projects including donations to countless orphanages, widows, schools etc. in and outside the country. “I remember when my grandmother was in a critical condition at the hospital, she came to show support financially to help save her life after which she donated some money to take care of her medical bills; a gesture I will forever be grateful for”. Clifford professed.
Stacy Amewoyi’s Book – The Missing Fathers “When all hopes fade away”
Stacy is an extremely kind hearted person who is quick to forgive, a goal getter and one who strives to get better for herself, the less privilege all those in her circle. Unfortunately, there has been a lot disappointments and betrayal from many close friends she trusted who took her soft heart as weakness. She loves honesty and truthfulness, as she possesses a great sense of fashion and loves good music, dancing, charity works and is one of the best cooks.
Her donation will begin from Kaneshie with her kayayei friends and traders then to Bubiashie together with other major areas she will be looking at. Stacy included that, there is the need for us all to remember our roots, as there are people who held us when coming up or have added to our growth and it’s only appropriate to show them some love also. “All those who are in the position to help others, should use the opportunity to help because, you don’t know who will show up and help in trail moments. To those also who have intentionally refused or have forgotten their helpers of before, it’s an equal opportunity to tune in your state of gratitude and show your helpers some love”. The author disclosed.
The uniqueness of Stacy, is her heart of gratitude, the respect for others whether old or young, value for people in her small circle as she has few friends and as such cherish those around her. She doesn’t rely or count on a lot of people, but the few, she has, she makes sure they are appreciated.
It is with these qualities she has been able to remember those of old to do this memorable good for. She believes this is the time for her to also give back to them what they gave to her long ago, and even though it’s little she knows it will go a long way to help them even in this crisis.
Enoch France, a member of her close circle, have known Stacy in a wide variety of capacities over the past few years he has worked with her. He calls her a friend, advisor and a mother.
As part of her foundation who visits other orphanages across the country, Enoch sees her over all friendly and positive demeanor very contagious which makes it easier to work around her. She provides him with career advice and financial help which she is never disappointing at.
“she is always willing to help because she is a selfless individual, even when her plate is full and has a lot going on, she is always happy to help and will show up in times of need”. Enoch added.
Stacy, after her first trip from Japan, did her first gratitude donation to relatives who passed on some few years later. She therefore, wants to do same again so it wouldn’t be after their death, she will show love to their families. She wants it done as they are alive so her appreciation wouldn’t be in vain.
“I would want to gather them all, then playback all that they did for me as a remembrance of what they did for me. I remember a lady banker who was around that time the richest in our compound. She kept preparing braised rice for me, as I helped in the washing of dishes, you all know the best part of braised rice, well it is my favorite too; and a tune she always played, still keeps playing every time I wake up from bed”. Stacy reminisced.
She put across that, “even if you are not given what you put out, at least your name will be mentioned somewhere for a thing or two you did sometime time past for some people. But for those who forget or become ungrateful towards others, usually have a disturbing end”.
In adding my voice as a team member which , stand together with the board and came up with this piece.-  Dorcas Boamah We say a big thank you to Stacy Amewoyi, for her tremendous show of love unto us. And it’s a blessing to be apart of her inner circle.
My humbling moments of her is the fact that, she is able to give out what she never received to others she never knows. Her compassionate heart and love for God together with our friendship is a thing I have come to learn over the years and has also shaped me as part of the woman I have become.
We as a team look forward to this gesture of gratitude to her roots as we pray for more grace over her life to do more unto others.

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