Sowore Promises To Solve Power Problem ‘In Less Than One Year’ if elected president

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has vowed to solve the country’s power problems in less than one year if elected president in the forthcoming elections.

The AAC candidate made this promise on Wednesday when he appeared alongside his vice-presidential candidate, Dr. Rabiu Rufai, on “The Candidates”, a town hall meeting for presidential candidates.

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The Candidates is a co-production between Daria Media and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

Sowore also promised to invest about $10 billion in the power sector by generating thousands of megawatts of electricity.

He said, “ If we come in today, we are looking at investing in solar farms that will generate 4,500MW of power. It’ll be 90KW per university, and we’re going to do solar farms across the country for 500MW each. It’ll take less than a year.”

Sowore also reacted to questions on what he would do to Electricity Distribution Companies which have been known for constant problems of irregular generation of light.

He said: “I will light up this country. The oxymoron of power sector is that they don’t want light for the country. What our people need is light and not excuses. Nigerian economy is built around darkness.

“We can’t continue to pamper DISCOS. We will retrieve their licenses. Nigerians gave them licenses. I’m not going to do body language governance. I will be involved and we will withdraw the licenses of electricity distribution companies (DISCOS) which do not perform.

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“We are expected to invest about $10 billion to improve electricity and increase megawatts. Power was not privatised, they did the privatisation but didn’t do the deregulation.

“My administration will build Solar power plants in each university. We need leadership in Nigeria, but we don’t have it. We need innovation, we don’t have it. Egypt and Morocco did it and it can also work in Nigeria during our administration. It is a cannibalistic system of power generation that is killing Nigeria. There are a lot of ways to improve our economy.”

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