Snoop Dogg is my major inspiration and role model – WealthBoy

Wealthboy is an Independent artist doing music under his own musical imprint
Wealth Music World; we caught up with him and spoke to him on a wide variety of issues.

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Question 1. Let’s meet you-

Wealthboy: I am Joseph Owosogba, a Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Businessman as well as an actor. I go by the name Wealthboy

Question 2 . Why Wealthboy, is there any hidden intonation to the name?

Wealthboy: I chose the name because I love being wealthy, and I‘ve got big dreams as it pertaining to the name.

Question 3. So what really made you choose music or did music choose you?

Wealthboy: Actually I’ve never dreamt of doing anything else except music. I’ve always seen myself performing in the midst of a huge crowd. Again, music is the only thing I love doing which I can never get bored while doing.

Question 4. What’s your genre of music?

Wealthboy: Afrobeat and Afro rages

Question 5. What are the challenges of doing music especially in Nigeria?

Wealthboy: The challenges we face in Nigeria as musical artists are quite numerous. Firstly there are lots of talents, and doing music is kind of expensive. Then it is also not easy for artists without labels and better financial situations.

Question 6. You are working on your debut EP, can you tell us more about it?

Wealthboy: The EP “Big Baby Vibes” is my first project. It is already online on every major digital streaming service. It is is six track compilation and we have already shot the visuals for the single ” Little Light

which is just a message and inspiration I need to pass to the world.

Question 7. Who are your role models ?

Wealthboy: Currently every artist in Nigeria doing good music I consider them as role models. But American Rapper and platinum recording artist – Snoop Dogg is one of my major inspiration and role models.

Question 8. Where do we see Wealthboy in some years to come ?

Wealthboy: Very big , doing good music especially for my fans who love my kinda sounds. I also love traveling, so I will really love to go round the world to explore new cultures, try new things, and gain more knowledge and experience doing so.

Question 9. Word of advice for others who want to do music ?

Wealthboy: Keep doing the best of you,and believe in your dreams with lots of positive vibes, because success comes from what you do constantly, and not from what you temporarily do. Persistence and perseverance will see you through and take you to the top.

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