Simi Gives A “No” To Talks About Adekunle Gold


Nigerian singer, Simi shocked an interviewer with her uncompromisingly forthright answer when the interviewer played a smart game to get the singer to talk about her marriage to Adekunle Gold.

In the he interview, Simi revealed that she’s not ready to talk to the media about her family and marriage to musician Adekunle Gold.

The interviewer chipped in:

Congratulations on your marriage to Adekunle Gold.

Simi replied:

Please don’t let us talk about that. I won’t talk about that matter. So just drop the question.. Interviewer:

How soon are you settling down to have kids and build a family with him?

She replied:

I am definitely not going to talk about family with the media. You won’t hear that from me.
If there are other questions, I will love to speak about them but not about family or marriage. It’s a no!

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