Shocking! This Is The Nollywood Producer Who Caused My Stroke – Asuzu Reveals


Ernest Asuzu a popular Nollywood actor, is reportedly healing quickly after he suffered a stroke.
The actor reportedly received healing from Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta state, and a brand new SUV and some amount of cash reward to start a new life.
According to Sun newspaper, the actor in an interview said the stroke was cast on him by a popular Nollywood producer who was jealous of his rise in the industry.
Mr Asuzu also said that he was at a movie location in Asaba, when the producer looked at him and told him that the movie will be his last ever he will feature in and after two days, the incident happened which is why he keeps saying that Nollywood is evil.
According to him, “God in heaven knows that I didn’t do anybody wrong in Nollywood, yet they planned to kill me. A popular move producer, who I don’t want to mention, looked at me at a movie location in Asaba and told me that, that would be my last acting job ever, and he almost made it happen.”
Speaking on his illness, he said: “Yes, I was still on set, but two days later, I fell ill. I had no money on me, so I called my wife to send me some money, which she did. A friend later came to my rescue. He managed to put me on a bus back to Lagos. As we got to Lagos, I tried to open the door and disembark but I fell off.
“The driver and passengers all came to my rescue. They carried me back into the bus and took me home to my wife and brother. When my brother saw me in that critical condition, he shook his head and asked, ‘Ernest, who did this to you?’ I could not respond, I was just staring at him.
For three days, I was stooling and vomiting; I couldn’t eat. I was taken to the hospital; the doctors diagnosed me and said I was suffering from partial stroke. That was how it all started.”
Meanwhile, Naij earlier reported that after spending one year in Mercyland, Asuzu has been totally healed of his stroke, as he can now walk properly. The anointed man of God also gave the actor, a brand new jeep worth N3.5m, and a parting sum of N1.5m to start up a new life.


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