Senate President Confirms Date For 2020 Budget Passage

Senate President Ahmad Lawan on Tuesday said that the red chamber of Nigeria’s parliament is working towards passing the 2020 Appropriation Bill on 28 November.

The senate president, said that the committees of the upper chamber were working hard to meet the target date of passing the budget.

He said that the Senate Committee on Appropriation was expected to lay its report on 26 November, as he believes that the House of Representatives is also working to lay and pass the report at the same time.

“All the committees have done their work so well within the defined parameters and therefore we expect the Appropriations Committee to galvanise into action and produce the report to be laid here on the 26th November next two weeks before the Senate,” Lawan said.

“I believe this will be the same thing in our sister chamber, the House of Representatives, so that we are able to pass the 2020 Appropriation Bill on the 28th of November.

President Muhammadu Buhari has, on Tuesday, 8 October, proposed a budget of N10.33trillion for the 2020 fiscal year to a joint session of the National Assembly.

The president said it was a budget of Fiscal Consolidation to strengthen Nigeria’s macroeconomic environment; investing in critical infrastructure, human capital development and enabling institutions, especially in key job-creating sectors.

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