Sen. Ben Bruce’s Role in Missing $20bn Saga- Emir Sanusi Opens Up

ben-murray-bruceEmir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, on Forbes Africa, said Bayelsa Senator, Ben Murray Bruce, said some things to him after he raised alarm that some $20bn was missing from Nigeria’s crude oil funds.

The former CBN governor said he had a terse meeting with then President Goodluck Jonathan after he wrote a letter on the issue. (read more about that here), and afterwards interacted with Ben Bruce.

“I remember Ben Murray Bruce, who is now a senator, coming to me to say that he had it on good authority that if I went to the senate with my documents, I would be removed, investigated and imprisoned,” he said.

“Then I said, why would I be imprisoned, and he said, you know, you’ve worked in government. I have worked in government, if people really want to find something on you, in the central bank, five years, they would come and look, they would find something.

“I was like they would find it if I have done it. I mean they can plant something, but if haven’t done it, maybe somebody under me had done something that I wasn’t aware of.

“But in all my years at the central bank, to the best of my knowledge, I had done nothing that should put me in prison. However, I said to him, tell the president, from me, that if the punishment for going to the senate is prison, he doesn’t need to go through all of that, just ask him to tell me what prison he wants me to go to and for how many years, I’d drive myself there.”

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