Self Dispensing Filling Station Launched in Lagos

Fuel-Dispenser-Installation-Service-1Lagosians may no longer need the services of petrol station attendants to buy fuel as Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited has launched a 24-hour self dispensing petrol station in Lagos. The filling station has 28 nozzles, with each dispensing pump having POS receipts.

“We have zero tolerance for disparity. If you are buying 10 litres of fuel, you are sure of it. You are not going to get anything less. This means that a customer should be able to generate receipts from the dispensing pumps, as the receipts will not be hand-written,” Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle, Mr. Peter Mbah, said.

“We intend to offer excellence services to the public. We intend to offer 24-hour fuel to the public. We are tired of having fuel scarcity every now and then. We felt that with 28 nozzles and with the 24-hour service we are offering, 365 days in the year, we are always going to have fuel.

“The strategic position we are in as depot owners we are able to provide services constantly to customers. Essentially, we are driven by excellence. That is why we did a petrol station of this size with all the key features in any modern station. You are able to attend to yourself without the help of a third party. You are not going to buy more than the regulated price.”


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