Scores killed in Paris in co-ordinated gun, bomb attacks across city


Over 100 people have been killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris, France.

The French government has declared a national state of emergency and has closed its borders, the BBC is reporting.

Scores of people died at the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris. The gunmen took many hostages but were later overpowered by policemen who stormed the building.

Others died in a reported suicide blast near the Stade de France near the venue of the France versus Germany football game.

Others were killed during a gun attacks on city centre restaurants, in what is clearly a co-ordinated attack.

Le Petit Cambodge restaurant and nearby Le Carillon in the 10th district were hit, with about 10 people lying on the road, either dead or seriously injured.

A witness told Liberation newspaper that he heard more than 100 rounds fired at La Belle Equipe cafe in the 11th district.

The police have asked Paris residents to stay indoors as over 1,500 soldiers were deployed across the city.

The attack at the Bataclan concert hall was the deadliest and unconfirmed reports said concert-goers were being shot one by one. Police sources told AFP news agency that more than 100 people had died there.

At least three gunmen were reported killed at the venue.

Speaking at the concert hall, President Francois Hollande said the attackers would be fought “without mercy”.

“We wanted to be here among all those who saw these atrocious things, to say that we are going to fight and our fight will be merciless, because these terrorists that are capable of such atrocities need to know that they will be confronted by a France that is determined, unified and pulled together and a France that will not let itself be overawed even if today it is expressing an infinite amount of emotion at this drama and this tragedy, which was an abomination and a barbaric act,” he said.

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