Russian military’s invisible ‘cloak’ to hide weapons & hardware from enemy radar

A Russian defense company has created a “cloak,” which it says can make electronic objects invisible to enemy radar. The aim of the fiber technology, which is used in the cloak, is to make weapons invisible to prying eyes and detection systems.

The St. Petersburg-based company Roselectronics has come up with the invention and says it can make weapons that use thermal, infrared, and electromagnetic radar in targeting invisible.

The technology works by placing the insulating object over electronic devices, which makes them undetectable.

“The main idea of the development is to create coverage that reduces radar visibility of the object both on the visible and microwave spectrums,” Georgy Medovnikov from Roselectronics told Ruptly, RT’s video agency.

Roselectronics believes the lightweight and flexible material can be used to protect armored vehicles, missile systems and warplanes. According to its creators, the material is unique in its ability to absorb radio-electronic signals and interfere with the distribution of electronic traces.

The fiber technology was developed at the request of the Russian Defense Ministry, which wants it to protect its radio and electronic equipment, which is used on land and at sea.

However, Medovnikov believes that the “invisible cloak” could have other uses in the future, away from the battlefield.

“Certain equipment which negatively influences a person’s health is used in medicine. Our material allows the minimization of this negative effect or to completely remove it,” he said.

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