Ruggedman – “I Don’t Want To Date Anybody In Entertainment”


Ruggedman says no to entertainment girls

Whenever Ruggedman is ready to settle for marriage, it won’t be with a popular, entertainment industry person.


The Peace or War rapper, in an interview with City People, revealed it just wouldn’t work with such a person.

“There are a lot of girls out there but I don’t need a girl, I need a woman. A woman who knows what responsibility is all about, not just about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” Ruggedman said.

“Somebody who is real, who is responsible, and I really hope not to date anybody in entertainment, it won’t work.”

“You go out, she goes out, and we all know we humans are jealous creatures, if you go out and your wife sees so many girls clamouring around or over you, you say it’s just work honey but if you see a guy around her and she says it’s just work honey, I can imagine how you would react,“ he said.

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