Revealed!!! Read What Really Caused Drake And Meek Mill’s Beef



A user named Mccoy has revealed what really happened between Drake and Meek Mill.
Its no longer news thatMeekandDrizzyare not on good terms andDrakeis planning to release another diss track aimed at theMMGrapper revealed  yesterday.

Here is what have been said to be the real reason behind their beef, read below;

1. Meek Mill found out from DJ Drama about Drake having reference tracks literally MONTHS ago
— #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
2. Meek Mill confronted Drake about it and the two had an argument. Drake felt disrespected because he felt he was doing RICO as a favor… — #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
3. Meek Mill’s homecoming concert comes and Drake doesn’t show up which infuriates Meek because Drake was supposed to be the Celebrity guest
— #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
4. RICO had already been done and recorded well before this point so Meek Mill still decides to put it on his album — #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
5. Later, Meek album comes out & Drake doesn’t tweet the link which pissed Meek off bc he felt Drake would support in spite of the argument
— #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
6. Meek Mill inspired by Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift feels that since she got the support of Social media against the bigger star he can too — #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015

7. Meek Mill spreads word to DJ Flex, Charlamagne and others that DJ Drama has the reference track for “10 Bands” as well as “many” others
— #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
8. Funk Flex begs Dj Drama for the “10 Bands” reference track and drops it. By now many Djs already know there’s a lot more Reference tracks — #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
9. Funk Flex decides to put it out there that he has more reference tracks figuring DJ Drama will send him the others but he refuses too
— #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
10. Meek Mill didn’t think Drake would respond to him and was completely shocked when “Charged Up” came out — #Juice(@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
11. Meek Mill records “Wanna Know” and tells Funk Flex he’s gonna drop it but Meek Mill was still trying to get the other reference tracks
— #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
12. DJ Drama refuses to give them to Meek Mill so last minute he tells Funk Flex that he will not be premiering “Wanna Know” on HOT97 yet… — #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
13. Meek Mill wanted to drop all of the reference tracks along with “Wanna Know” but that plan backfired….
— #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015
14. The next day, Drake releases “Back to Back” and completely surprises Meek Mill/Funk Flex who were completely empty handed…. — #Juice (@mmckoy) August 4, 2015


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