Reason Why I Don’t Succumb to Mentorship – RMD Explain


Why I Dont Easily Succumb To Mentorship – RMD Reveals


Veteran thespian, Richard Mofe-Damijo, better known as RMD, has revealed the reasons he does not quickly give in to being a mentor or big brother to people.

Stating that relationship is a currency, he lamented how he gave people access to his personal life and how he ended up in what he described as “relationship abuse”.

RMD also recalled how he often got requests from people who want to have a relationship with him in different capacities.

He said “ I’m usually not quick to jump in on mentoring, ‘fathering’ or being a big brother figure because I have been a victim of “relationship abuse” where people take their unlimited access to you for granted forgetting that – Relationship is a currency.”

“Relationships irrespective of what type have the power to serve as a capital. There are relationships that give you leverage, some people have gotten ahead in life because of who they married, who they work/ed with/for.”

“One respected persons endorsement could do more than financial capital can, so it is important not to enter into relationships with the intent of giving nothing in return, there’s no way that would work, you must be willing to service whatever relationships you have.” He continued.

stating how to build skillful relationship, he said: “Be selfless, unassuming and not feeling self entitled. Respect boundaries, don’t be a user, be humble, accountable and have integrity.”

“Have respect, more for yourself than the one you latch on to because it is self respect that restrains you from behaving in ways that put you in bad light.” He added

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