President Buhari: Politics vs National Patriotism.

I must admit I was not one of those who voted for General Muhammadu Buhari to become President. And if I have another opportunity, I will still not vote for him. The bottom line is that, willy-nilly, Buhari is the President of Nigeria today. The campaigns were characterised by brickbats, name calling, hate messages and sometimes outright exaggeration of capacity and possibilities. However, on March 28, the election was “won and lost”.

I have since listened to, or read many comments on the President. Most of these bordered on his perceived slowness, (international) gaffes of “president Mitchell of West Germany”, not staying in the country to attend to issues, non committal statements on subsidy and electricity, “My age will limit my performance”, among others.

I think many of these comments are rather hasty and political. The man is only three weeks in office. Reasonably, I think we should give the President a minimum of six months for his government to take shape. Then we can see the direction of his thoughts and engage him in critical and constructive criticism.

My take is, we must push politics to the background for now and put the nation first. Politics must give way to patriotism. Nigeria is our Jerusalem for which we must pray. President Buhari is the symbol of this country today. His actions and inactions in the next four years will, no doubt, affect the course of this nation, and our individual lives. Let us pray for the President and wish him well. Let us pray for his success regardless of our party affiliation. In the end, it is Nigeria that counts, not our parties.

God bless Nigeria.
Dayo Awude,

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