Oyedepo Finally Reveals His Source Of Wealth



The Founder and Head Pastor of the Living Faith Church known as Winners’ Chapel Bishop David Oyedepo has said God vowed to make him rich because he gave out his car for the gospel.

Bishop Oyedepo, is one of the wealthiest clergymen on earth worth millions of dollars.

He also noted that due to his action, he now buys “buses like loaves of bread.”

Reports has it that Bishop Oyedepo was speaking in one of his church services recently.

According to the revered clergyman, since he “gave my car to God,” he has never lacked financial blessings.

“I gave my car to God not to be rich but to spread the gospel and God swore to make me rich…now in one day we bought 87 buses at once, another day we bought 100 buses at once,” he noted.

“We now buy buses like loaves of bread… Many of you will soon be building houses like loaves of bread.”

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