Open Letter To 9ice By CEO Naijaloaded “You’re Releasing Too Much Videos, It Won’t Help You” (Read)


Hi Guys,
My name is Makinde Azeez, Am the
Founder of Naijaloaded…. If not 100%, I
think I understand this music industry to
an extent and I understand how to
effectively promote and publicise Music &
Video content online.
Before I move on with my writings, I have
to say this.. Am a big fan of the brand
“ 9ice ” and I have been supporting since the
days of Little Money.
From my Observation, After the Ish with
9ice’s Political ambition, it seems 9ice has
gone back to his drawing board and
promised to make it back into the music
industry big time.
In less than 1 year, If am not mistaken,
9ice has dished out series of New Singles
and Videos amounting to 12 or more.
For Music, Lets list them out:-
Sugar, Aiye Familete, Aje, Abefe, Aunty, At
The Moment, Pariboto to mention but a
For Video:-
Over the last 2 Months, 9ice has choked us
with more than 5 Music Videos, Who does
For the Records, 9ice is the only artiste
with more than 5 music video in 2016
alone… Yes! its a good thing but not a wise
idea if you ask me.
You need to take a chill pill on this Sir, You
spent millions on those Videos, I know and
you’re doing all this just to get the good
result, We know. All you need to do is
setup a Killer PR Team that will help get
this contents across to majority of your
Fans home and abroad.
The Money you spent in shooting a single
video will do the magic in setting up an
effective PR team and will push your old
and new contents more than you least
Your “ Aunty ” Video is still doing well,
We’re enjoying it and then you came with
Pariboto Video in less than 2 Weeks, No!
The only Video I have enjoyed from you
lately is that of “ Life Drama“. Don’t be in
haste, Get your Ass together and think of a
Killer concept for your Video, We don’t
want just any Random Video with Girls
shaking their bum bum and Drinks
flowing. Never!!!
HG2 needs to chill for some months, Get
your PR Team to push your Previous
Contents well before anything from you
We wish you well and we hope to see the
Brand “ 9ice ” up sooner than you ever
prayed for.. AMEN!
What do you think Nigerians?

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