Northern Group Tell Saraki to Resign in 3 Days or Be Impeached


The Northern Ethnic Nationalities Unity Congress (NENUC) has called on Senate President, Bukola Saraki to resign.

THE NATION reports that the call came just as the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) secured a bench warrant for the arrest of the embattled Senate President by the CCB Tribunal over allegations of false declaration of assets dated back to 2003.

National President and Convener of NENUC, Mr Bako Benjamin, said it is disgusting that the Senate President would rather be seeking court’s protection than going before the anti graft agency to clear his name of the charges.

”Let the Senate President come to equity with clean hands. Let him defend himself against all the charges levelled against him in the spirit of the new wind of change blowing across the country”.

He the group was giving the Senate President a three-day ultimatum to honourably resign to prevent impeachment proceedings against him for his eventual removal from the exalted office.

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