Nkechi Blessing Slams The Act Of Digracing A Partner After Breakup

Actress Nkechi Blessing has described marriages in which the couples disgrace each other on social media after a breakup as a mistake.

Taking to social media, Nkechi Blessing prayed that she never ends up in such a marriage which has become common with her fellow celebrities.

In the post she shared on Instagram, Nkechi Blessing advised people in such a situation to maintain silence as they move on with their life after the breakup.

She wrote: “In all the mistakes I will make in future, may I NBS never make the mistake of marrying Someone who will come and disgrace me on Social media after a break-up WTF happens to moving on in silence? Twue….This Same social media you Do all em lovey lovey, relationships Goals, you still come here to say ill things about same person? What a Wawu…Nna Ehn God forbid ooo Move on in peace and Shut the Fuck up it’s very simple”.

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