Nigeria’s Permanent Secretaries React to Buhari’s Lack of Appointment of Ministers


Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari is yet to appoint his ministers 3 months after being inaugurated.

Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adesina, however said the president is meticulous about appointment of ministers and will take the decision “in the fullness of time.”

As a result some quarters refer to the president as “baba go slow”, saying he’s too old to make any decision.

Following the lack of ministers, most ministries are idle and many believe the country is moving slowly.

However two permanent secretaries have reacted to Buhari’s lack of appointment of ministers.

“The country can ill-afford further delay by the President to make these vital appointments.” a Permanent Secretary, said: “From The Presidency to the MDAs, everything has come to virtual standstill”.

Another Permanent Secretary added, “Ministers are necessary but not essential. They are not essential for the proper functioning of government, but they are necessary for the political identity of the governing party.”

“The Permanent Secretaries are doing the work of Ministers for the time being though, they are looking up to Ministers to also play their part but salaries are not delayed, work has not stopped and activities of the MDAs are going on.”

He admitted that there are limitations to Perm Secs’ capacities to approve policy issues, particularly those bordering on big projects which, he argued, can endure a little while.


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