Nigerians are yet to hear the stacato of “Marginalization” from my people.

By Mayowa Michael Adeleye


“That is why the likes of Pa Falae and Ladoja floated mushroom political parties to squeeze from the honey pot of the nation under PDP….But GOD will fight for Nigerians” ~ ‪#‎MMA‬

“I am stunned that Pa Olu Falae, Rasheed Ladoja et al through their political Parties got N100m each from the funds that was meant to arm our Armed Forces, how sad? But my joy is that not one of my Yoruba brothers and sisters has risen in defence of the duo! My Igbo and Hausa kindredshould take a cue. We MUST unite and aggregate new moral margins for our Country.
I am not troubled by the deafening decibel of partisans, I am thankful to God for giving us this moment. What we make of it is a collective. We either choose to right the wrongs, or to defend a sorry past by throwing partisan, regional, and or religious jibes. I have chosen to side with building a Nigeria where greed and graft is shamed and punished. What of you?
Country First is not idealism but a raging reality that congregates a people at the parlour of patriotism. It takes the Estate to the level where public good is summum bonum. And puts service to all before self. Country First is responsible and responsive leadership defined. To PMB may it always be COUNTRY FIRST.”
God Bless Nigeria.
~Chris Nwaokobia


Uwalaka Nnamdi SILENT ECHOES ; – Nigerians are yet to hear the stacato of “Marginalization” from my people. Does it mean the Igbos didn’t collect from “Donatus Sambo Dasuki”? This is “TOTAL MARGINALIZATION” from the Blood Money. No Wonder My Igbo Brothers and Sisters Are Silent. Thank God.

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