Nigerian student nabbed in Uganda for drug trafficking


Another Nigerian has been caught while trafficking drugs in Uganda.

A 28-year-old Nigerian student at the Kampala University in Gbaba, Kampala, Uganda, Rufus Okafor, has been arrested by that the East African country’s Anti-Narcotics Department for allegedly trafficking in drugs destined for the Netherlands.

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Okafor was caught with parcels containing 19 kilograms of marijuana and 795 grammes of heroin at the Uganda Post Limited, also known as Posta Uganda, where he went to receive the drugs for onward transmission to Europe.

The parcels being burst open by the Narcotics Police

Photo Credit: Uganda Vision

This is not the first time Nigerians have put the nation to disgrace as some of its nationals have been arrested especially for drug trafficking and Internet scam in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, China and South Africa.

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Just a few days ago, a Nigerian based in China was allegedly arrested after he beat his Ugandan girlfriend to death and the nationals of that country took to Facebook to blast call the West African citizens all sorts of derogatory names.

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