Nigerian Blogger, Blessing Admits Lying About building The Mansion She Flaunted



A Nigerian blogger, Okoro Blessing gained popularity recently after claiming to have just completed  a mansion. However, as things would turn opposite for her, the owner of the house, Eze Money, released more proof to counter her claim.

Shortly after Eze Money shared a photo of his building plan, an audio conversation was released by the blogger’s friend. Okoro Blessing who admitted faking the house, said she planned on waiting for some time for the whole issue to die down before building a replica of the house so as to launder her own image online.

Seeing her lies have been exposed to the public, Okoro Blessing was left with no other choice than to admit faking a new house claim on her birthday. The blogger who further revealed that she has spoken to Eze just to calm him down, admitted seeking the permission of the house’s security guard to take the pictures she posted.


See below;

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