Nigeria: Hausas Go Into Hiding Following Bloody Pro-Biafra Protest in Onitsha


Northerners living in Onitsha area of Anambra have reportedly gone into hiding following a violent pro-Biafra protest in the area which claimed nine lives.

Members of the Hausa community who fled the town following the two-day pro-Biafran agitation fracas are yet to be seen in public.

The baristas, shoe menders, green grocers, barbecue sellers and allied workers, who are of northern origin, had yet to open shops on Saturday according to Punch.

During the Biafran agitation mayhem, the Onitsha central mosque, a nomadic school and many other properties belonging to the Hausa community were destroyed.

Reports say most of them were still in the Nigerian Army and Nigeria Police barracks in the area, apparently for fear of attacks.

“After the crisis, most of them only came out in the night to do brisk businesses and disappear again,” a resident of the area said.

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